Grace“Yes, I walked in looking ‘frozen’…. Everything inside of me had stood still…. My mind, my whole being was inside this gilded cage trapped and waiting to be set free to soar the blue heavens. I suffered for years with depression and other problems, became an introvert, an unsociable being and would have sunk deeper perhaps becoming a hermit in a cave somewhere…

Well, the unimaginable happened! I met you who introduced me to another great and wonderful friend – NeurOptimal®-NEUROFEEDBACK!!!  Talk about the ‘gift’ of friendship!

Then Inis, in your sweet calm and gentle way you sat me down in this comfortable soft and inviting chair, placed a small device on my chest, and some tiny friendly probes on my scalp and ear lobes and invited me to listen if I wished to some soothing music as I laid there on that chair. It was so relaxing and peaceful in the room I fell asleep and continued to do so with each session. I could leave the cares and burdens of the world just cradling the small NeurOptimal® device on my chest.
I expected something really complicated and some intimidating procedure but was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of it all. I have been to countless places seeking ‘therapies’ and ‘cures’ but this beats everything I’ve tried. I am awed and amazed.

After the ten recommended sessions I compared the problem areas with what I had ticked off in the form, which was sealed in an envelope unbeknownst to anyone and found major positive changes. I was of course over the moon! The brain had done what came naturally.

I feel like I have a new lease of life now, I am more positive and excited about life’s offerings and challenges. I have even begun to meet up and reconnect with friends to enjoy conversations and activities and many more…
I have begun to dance and touch the stars and there is always something magical happening.
I feel like a beautiful butterfly emerging from my cocoon. I am thankful daily for every blessing in my life no matter how big or small and am more aware of everything around me.

I would highly recommend NEUROFEEDBACK with NeurOptimal® to anyone because I know what it has done for me and I am going to spread the word like bushfire! Thank you INIS for your help and friendship, more like vintage wine…. thank you NeurOptimal® – we are really quite the threesome!!!”
Grace, Singapore