D. and B. Gürtler


Guertler“I found the training sessions to be very comfortable and beneficial. My general well-being improved significantly and my general mood has become a lot more optimistic. Some negative influences don’t seem to control my moods any longer. I do not get agitated any more and feel a lot more relaxed as a result.

I used to have serious issues in regards to my mental and physical actions. I felt that through the training some of my reactions that had gone out of my control have been contained again (Parkinson). A check up by my doctor proved my impression to be correct. (no indication shown)
I can thoroughly recommend the training to anyone who is interested. I feel, however, that a series of sessions is necessary.”
D. Gürtler, 80 years

“I experienced the training to be very beneficial. Also my surrounding commented on the fact that the sessions had a positive influence on me. I got less agitated and had a much more positive attitude. I am now much better able to differentiate certain influences and stimuli and feel in control of how they affect my well-being. In general, I feel that I realize much faster when I overburden myself. After a back surgery the training help to get me on my feet again quickly.

I recommend everyone to regularly use NeurOptimal. I am convinced that your general health and well-being profits greatly from this treatment.”
B. Gürtler, 80 years