„In retrospective, I must admit that since my first session at the beginning of 2014 a profound change and clarity have materialized that I have not know before. After initial skepticism and a slight fear of ‘what is happening to my brain?’ I let NeurOptimal® happen. After the first few sessions I started to detect a change that at first I sensed more that I experienced it. At this stage I become more target- oriented in my thoughts and actions and ‘suddenly’ knew where I was headed. For more than four years I had felt trapped in my private as well as in my professional life. After about 6 months with NeurOptimal® I know where I wanted to go, saw and experienced everything very clearly. And I am talking about clarity in a sense of tidied up, straightened out. Of course, this does not mean that my problems went away but I realized how to find my way out, despite all difficulties that I continued to see. But these difficulties stopped constraining me and I started to think in direction of how to start solving my problems and accepting the fact that they were manageable.

Managing my problems, my life and my actions changed and were embedded in a feeling of self-confidence and a sense of effortlessness (not to be confused with levity. After the 7th session I noticed something else change: It may sound whimsical but I truly felt that the back of my head was lighter, in a physical and psychological sense, as if something heaving that was pulling my head down was suddenly gone. My head felt airy and light.

All this, I only realize now, well a year into the treatment. I have been caught up in a thought spiral for more than 4 years and all of the ‘sudden’ I knew what to do and how to do it. Of course, this was not all that sudden but a very subtle process and I only realized a couple of months after my 4th or 5th session what was happening.

At that point I had already started to experience that I was able to take actions and reflect upon my doing. This effect is still present and I continue to feel light and free.

With this positive development and experience I can only urge you to give NeurOptimal® a try, maybe in a sense of releasing your inner coach. My success speaks for itself.“

Sylvia, 52 years